Simply Nourished
 8-week Signature Coaching Program

A self directed 8-week online program that integrates changes in lifestyle, diet and environment.

When it comes to diet, calorie cutting has been the cornerstone of most weight-loss strategies for decades. Research suggests that the majority of individuals who lose weight by portion control eventually regain it back and starving ourselves almost never works long term. 

Wouldn’t it be great if instead we could find a way to eat more real food to get the same weight-loss benefit? Let me show you how!

Who is this program for? 

Someone who...
✔ wants to learn different tools to eat healthier and a discover a path of nourishment rather than just nutrition
✔ wants to live a toxin free life but is not sure how or where to start
✔ tired of the conventional dieting ways 
✔ is looking for accountability and support on their Me, I'm Readyhealth journey
✔ struggles with gut related or autoimmune concerns
✔ overwhelmed by all the different diet and food advice 
✔ is ready to make a change 

What to expect during the program 

 Initial 60-minute Health Consultation, detailed Health Questionnaire and Functional Body Process Assessment. 

Learn ways to "crowd out" bad foods and cravings. Individualized recommendations and Nutritionist designed meal plans and recipes.

 Connect the dots between who you are now and who you want to be. Food and Mood Journal, mediation, weekly check-ins. 

Discover what its like to find balance in your gut health. Identify underlying causes of symptoms.

Take the overwhelm out of non toxic living. Clean up your body, home and personal care products. 

Uncover any "roadblocks" that hold you back from reaching your goals. 

What's included in the program? 

  • 8 Modules and Lessons with videos 
  • Assignments and Quizzes throughout each lesson to test your understanding of each topic and help implement in daily life
  • Downloadable PDF's each week
  • Whole Food Meal Plan - Includes plan, recipes + shopping lists
  • Affirmations 
  • Journal prompts 
  • Live kick-off call group or private via zoom 
  • Weekly check-ins via email 
  • My 24/7 ongoing support  
  • Bonus module - Essential Oils Made Easy

Are you interested in natural ways to stay strong and healthy?
Read below. 
This program is all that I studied and researched over the past 5+ years as a Certified Nutritionist and Integrative Health Coach and which I implemented into my own lifestyle to turn my health around. 

Recognize, Refuel, Replace

In just 8 weeks you will learn to..

Week 1-2

Recognize We start out with an Initial 60-minute Health Consultation via Zoom to go over your detailed Health Check Questionnaire and Functional Body Process Assessment. Go over goals and current health challenges so I can assess your bioindividual needs and help you create a action plan to start implementing.  

Week 2-3 

Gut Brain Foundation Learn how to become your own food and lifestyle investigator and discover what its like to find balance in your gut health.

Week 4-5

Mastering Your Mind Make self care a priority. Learn ways to manage stress naturally, sleep better and movement for your body type. Connect the dots between who you are now and who you want to be. It makes all the difference when you have someone to talk to about the changes you’re making, the challenges you’re facing, the strategies that work for you, and the new favorite foods you’re discovering.

Week 5-6

Refuel Learn ways to "crowd out" bad foods and understand your cravings. Become more educated on proper nutrition and the advantages of a whole-food, plant-based approach to weight loss and understanding food labels. No calorie counting. Customized meal plans and recipes so you know what to buy, cook, and eat. Food and Mood Journal to help assess eating habits and how it effects the way you feel daily. 

Week 7

Which supplements actually work, what they are used for and when you need them.

Week 8

Replace Take the overwhelm out of non toxic living. Learn how to clean up your environment such as cleaning products, body and personal care. Everyday toxins we encounter without even knowing, could be a root cause.