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“I love the bug spray recipe Nicky gave me that includes doterra’s Terrashield oil. It works SO good. I was outside by the fire at the end of the summer with my homemade bug spray. I would normally be eaten alive, but only got bit like 1 or 2 times! Thanks Nicky”
— Maria

Hey, I'm Nicky!

Since 2018 when I founded ReRoot Your Health, I have made it my mission to educate and empower women and families on how to reduce the toxic load in our bodies and our homes. In my streamlined approach we focus on anti-inflammatory and gut healing regimens and natural ways to support our bodies where needed through diet, lifestyle changes, essential oils and natural wellness solutions. Let me show you the way!

“Thank you for the sample oil experience for migraines and headaches. As a mom this is a huge deal for me and I was tired of taking OTC medications. I am SO happy Nicky was able to show me something more natural that really works!
— Kim R